Our expertise is concentrated in the following operational groups.

Heavy Highway & Bridges

Complete reconstruction and restoration of highway and bridges by optimizing drainage systems, earth work, erecting retaining walls, grading and concrete paving.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Water main and sanitary and storm sewer replacement in densely populated metropolitan areas.

Energy & Gas

Turn key electric and gas main work for Consolidated Edison.

Milling & Paving

Traffic pattern alteration, temporary protection, roadway reconstruction, new concrete bases, asphalt top courses, pavement markings.

Special Competencies


Emergency Infrastructure

Restani has the capacity and the equipment to staff and implement emergency response work for critical transportation infrastructure restoration projects (e.g. the NYC Battery Tunnel Hurricane Sandy dewatering and restoration work).


Parks & Open Spaces

We boast a long list of successfully completed land- & street-scaping and bike lane paving & lane marking projects.


Sports arenas

Including tennis court pavement reconstruction work at Flushing Meadows for the USTA and landscaping at Heritage Field (Yankee Stadium).


With decades of Design-Bid-Build experience, we are now successfully growing our Design-Build portfolio.


The traditional design-bid-build project delivery method has historically been the practice of choice for a number of NYC and State agencies. The client hires independent design and engineering consultants to develop the scope of work that best reflects the client’s concept. Only then is the project open for public solicitation and contractors such as Restani can participate in the bidding process. We have a long history of winning bids for Design-Bid-Build projects.
Trace Creek
Trace Creek


In more recent years, the Design-Build delivery method has been used for bigger, more complex projects, due to its more efficient real-time scheduling, cost and coordination. The project is managed by a single entity – the Design-Builder – which is responsible for the entire turn key process – from design and engineering, to construction and financing.

We at Restani have been expanding our in-house Design-Build capacities and expertise and are in active conversations with partners for upcoming projects

Safety underlies the excellence of our product

At Restani we see our safety-first culture as the single path to sustainable excellence. We believe that all accidents are preventable and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Not only does our safety lens influence decisions and practices here and now; it also impacts our choices with respect to future employees and subcontractors.

In pursuit of a safety-first culture, Restani has developed the following best practices:

  • Recurring site-specific training and educational resources
  • Safety officers and certified safety gear available at all job locations
  • Management commitment to an atmosphere of cooperation for best safety practices
  • Safety review meetings aiming to proactively identify hazards and corrective actions
  • Accident investigation to learn from accidents and near misses
Trace Creek


We have strong, decades-long relationships with all major New York City and State government agencies. On the private side, Consolidated Edison of New York has trusted us with a multi-year gas main replacement project across the City of NY


Restani is a trusted partner to some of the most respected construction companies in the world